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How to Prevent Home Sale Issues Before Listing For Sale

Fixing Home Sale Issues

Preventing home sale issuesWhen selling a home there are numerous issues that can crop up during your Real Estate transaction. In order to ensure your home sale to go smoothly is to make sure you tackle some of these issues before they even rear their ugly head! A well informed seller is one that will more than likely increase their chances of sitting at a closing table in a quicker time frame with a lot less stress.

There is nothing that can make the process of selling a home more painful than having your home on the market, getting an acceptable offer and then weeks later have the sale fall apart for any number of reasons. If you are well armed and know some of the most common home selling issues there is a greater chance that will never have to even think of having your transaction derailed.

There are many home seller's that like to "play things by ear" and just hope they find a buyer will that temperament just to say "don't you worry about a thing Mr. Seller we love your home no matter what". These are the kind of seller's who learn fast that finding that kind of home buyer is like an Eskimo looking for ice.

A quick review of some of the most common home sale issues include home inspection items whether it is general disrepair, code violation issues, radon, mold, well water or pest issues. Some seller's never even take into consideration that any of these things could even possibly exist in their home. It is human nature to get comfortable with our surroundings and unless there is water pouring into the house or the heat won't come on many take their home for granted.

Another common issues that can cause a home sale to fall apart is the seller who has gone out and put a fabulous addition onto their home or maybe even one of those top of the line home theater systems in their basement. These sound like some really good improvements don't they? They sure are but not at the expense of getting a permit to have them!

I can't even begin to tell you how many home seller's try to save themselves a few bucks by not getting a permit for things they should. For some owners they are trying to avoid the local tax collector coming to their home and ultimately increasing what they pay in yearly taxes.

What many home seller's however do not realize is that there is a strong possibility this will come back to bite them when they least expect it. Not too long ago I had a seller client in Franklin Mass who thought he knew more about selling Real Estate than I do. If you are a Realtor reading this, I am sure an eye brow is raised right now because we all have experienced the seller who can't be reasoned with. He unfortunately did not get a permit for something he should have. Fortunately for him it did not end up killing the sale but certainly could have!

Some of the other more common stumbling blocks to a home sale include the buyer's financing. Of course you want to do your home work and make sure the buyer is financially qualified to buy your home. In some markets another hot topic has become appraisal issues.

When Real Estate markets change rapidly it is harder for appraisers to accurately come up with a Real Estate value. This is because often times home sales lag what is going on in the market creating a disparity in what a home seller receives as an offer on their home and what an appraiser can use to justify the accepted price.

The bottom line is to make sure you do your home work before you put your biggest asset up for sale. A well prepared seller is more than likely going to be a happy one!


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How to Prevent Home Sale Issues Before Listing For Sale
Fixing Home Sale Issues When selling a home there are numerous issues that can crop up during your Real Estate transaction. In order to ensure your home sale to go smoothly is to make sure you tackle some of these issues before they even rear… more