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Rocking Real Estate Social Media Without Active Rain

Channeling Social Media

Hopefully the title has caught your attention - yes, no, maybe? First let me be clear that this is not a slight towards Active Rain. In fact far from it. I am a firm believer in how great the Active Rain Real Estate network has been to all it's members since the day it was first created.

There has been a lot of changes since Active Rain first hit the scene but it has remained a powerful social media tool. I can speak from personal experience, as I was one of the original bloggers to join the network.

Active Rain however is much different now then when it was first cutting it's teeth as a great place for Realtors to hang out and share ideas on how to grow their business. Back then it was far more personal then the behemoth it has grown into. Such is life and to be expected when something is so successful.

What is amazing to me is how many members here put all their eggs in one basket. They fail to realize there is more to social media than just blogging and commenting on Active Rain all day. In fact there are a number of social media tools that most in the Real Estate community are missing out on because they have their collective heads in the sand. Sorry to be so blunt but it's true.

How do I know this? On past occasions I have written about other social media networks here and how they can be of benefit to a Real Estate agent, mortgage broker, stager or any one else with a tie to the Real Estate industry. There are certainly other ways a Realtor can use social media for increased Real Estate sales and business connections besides Active Rain.

When I have written about other social media avenues in the past what always puzzles me is the comments you will get by many of the members here that go a little something like this "I really need to start using Google Plus more", "I have a Twitter account but don't know what to tweet about", "Pinterest looks interesting but I just don't have the time."

Hello Active Rain! Yes you really need to make time! There is a world out there waiting for you! You need to branch out and expand your online visibility. There are so many who don't know what their missing. It is funny because I do not spend nearly as much time here as I used to. The reason why I don't is simple - there are other places that are equally important and stand a better chance of helping me achieve greater business success. That is not a knock on Active Rain - it just stands to reason that diversifying what you do in social media is important.

This doesn't mean you have to abandon what you are doing here, you just need to make the time and put in the effort to use other channels to promote your business. Ok so how do you do this?

Using Google Plus For Real Estate

Realtor social media mistakesOther than having your own blog, there is nothing more powerful that you can do for your business than using Google Plus on a daily basis. If you took a survey of every Real Estate agent on this platform and asked them what their number one goal in blogging was, I am quite sure that being found in search would be near, if not at the very top of the list. We all want to see our content on the first page of Google because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this is what makes the phone ring.

You would have to be under a rock not to know this by now, but if you have not claimed authorship to all of the blogs you write then you are missing out on a huge opportunity for business growth. When you claim authorship to your content there will often times be a picture of yourself next to the search results when someone does a search in which you are found. Why is this important? It is estimated that the click through increase on a result with a picture is as much as 30 percent greater.

So in order to paint a crystal clear picture here, you could be at the bottom third of the search results and if you have a picture next to the results even though you are positioned lower, there is a much greater chance of getting a visit to your website. Claiming authorship is something everyone who blogs should do.

When many Real Estate agents join social media platforms they make a few very big crucial mistakes. One of them is treating the platform as an advertising vehicle and not a place to grow relationships. The automatic inclination of many Realtors is to have a "billboard mentality". They will join Google Plus, start dropping in their listings and then wonder why they get no social interaction from anyone. The answer is really very simple - nobody cares about your listing on Main Street. The same can be said for anyone who just hits the share buttons at the top of the screen and does nothing else.

Link dropping is not what social media is about. You will never find any success from social media channels until you realize these are places to make personal connections first and foremost. Just like you have done here at Active Rain by the way. It is not until you have established yourself in these mediums that anyone is ever going to support you for your listing that you want to share with the world.

Those that are really successful in social media do three things - they share their own awesome content, they share others exceptional content and they engage by commenting with others. This is how you win with social media. Awesome content is not a Real Estate listing - sorry it isn't.

If you take a look at my account over at Google Plus you will notice I have over 22,000 followers. People ask me all the time how I was able to get so many people to follow me. It is as simple as what I just mentioned above. I don't do what 95% of all other Realtors will do on social media sites and wonder why they never get anywhere. Like this article, a good part of what I do is try to help others achieve some success. The fact I have been in the business for twenty six years and have a strong understanding of SEO and social media allows me to pitch in and try to give solid advice to others.

Keep in mind none of the other social media platforms have a direct tie in to search. Google Plus is Google guys! Using Google Plus helps your business from a search engine standpoint. Did you know you can write an article in Google Plus that can be found as a search result? You certainly can! Each piece of content you post also has the potential to be enhanced with social signals such as shares, comments and plus ones. These are validation points that your article is worthy of attention.

What to do?

So how can you make Google Plus work for you and your Real Estate business? Establish yourself by going in daily and sharing your best work. Make sure you answer any comments you get. Comment on other members content you find interesting. It is more than likely thoughtful comments on other peoples work is going to get you noticed quicker than your own content if you are new to the platform.

I would start by setting aside a half hour a day and focusing making valuable contributions. One of the better ways to get your content noticed when you are new and do not have a large following yet is to join some of the better Google Plus Real Estate communities. There are many communities on Google Plus that are set aside to share information about a specific topic. Real Estate of course being one of them. Please be sure to read the rules when joining a community as they all have specific posting etiquette. For example in my Real Estate community I do not allow listing posts or market reports. Surprise - surprise:)

If you are looking for pointers on social media or search engine optimization there are some incredible groups where you will see so much great content it is almost overwhelming. Trust me on this one - Google Plus is one of the most well educated social media settings you will ever be apart of. This is not Facebook folks! When you log in type in my name and follow me. I post around five times a week about Real Estate, social media and SEO.

Using Pinterest For Real Estate

Pinterest For Real EstatePinterest is one of the fastest growing social media channels and a perfect place for a Realtor to use as a content sharing platform. It works perfectly for those in the Real Estate industry as everything we do is so visual.

If you have not heard about Pinterest or played around with it enough, here is a brief overview to get you up to speed.

Basically, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. You can “pin” images or videos from all over the internet to different boards that you have created onto your profile. The amount boards that you can have are unlimited. Each pin has a description and links directly to the website you got the image or video from.

Once you share a pin, your followers can like it and re-pin it to one of their Pinterest boards, which will be seen by anyone who is following them. That can mean a great deal of visibility in a brief amount of time if used properly.

One point that is worth emphasizing is that Pinterest has the longest shelf life of a pinned article or photo. There are very few sites where your content can get shared consistently for such long period of time.

When I first heard about Pinterest I stereotyped it as a place for a bunch of housewives to hang out and share pictures of pocketbooks and shoes. Boy was I wrong! Pinterest is a powerful content sharing platform especially since they upgraded the site to have "rich pins" for those that are sharing articles. Pinterest has now become one of my favorite social sites due to how much traffic it can drive back to your website or blog. In fact the site is great from a personal perspective as well. Check out my board called funny pictures and videos and you will see what I mean.

Whether you are new to Pinterest or have been using it for a while I would encourage you to read how a Realtor can use Pinterest. Once you have spent a few weeks using and learning the ropes at Pinterest I would encourage you to join a group Real Estate board. Essentially a group Real Estate board at Pinterest is a place where those who have been invited can pin their best or someone else 's great content. The benefit is that far more people see something that is posted to a group board. Every person who follows a member in the group will see each of the pins in the group, along with anyone just follows the group but is not a member.

In the link to the Pinterest Real Estate group above you will see at the very top their is a description for the group along with what you can and can't post. If you read carefully you will also see instructions on how you can become a member of this Real Estate group! If you want to see a rise in the amount of people following you and the interaction you get on your pins, joining a group is a smart move.

More Social Media Advice

Real Estate Social Media AdviceHere is a little bonus advice for those who have enjoyed following along. One of the best ways I have found to drive people to your blog is to have built-in pages that are dedicated to providing outstanding local Real Estate information for the cities and towns you cover. Obviously Active Rain does not have integrated pages so if you have a blog elsewhere such as Wordpress this is an absolute must.

It will drive a tremendous amount of targeted traffic to your site if you create something comprehensive. Here is an example of one of my community pages for Westborough Massachusetts. Would you agree that someone visiting this page and wanting to learn about Westborough Massachusetts Real Estate would get a lot of helpful data points they could use. Would you also agree that if someone was looking for a Realtor they may pick up the phone and call me? On my website there are thirteen similar pages like this one.

I have created a page for each of the local towns that I do the most business in. If you do the same I am quite sure your phone will be ringing more from those looking to interview a top notch Realtor.

One last thought - for some reason there are many in the Real Estate industry that don't understand the concept of social sharing buttons. There is a reason why Active Rain installed the buttons at the top of every blog post. The buttons are there for you to click on! The purpose of social sharing tools is to be able to visit a website and SHARE the content. The sharing tools are not there just for you to share your own content.

Would you agree someone you know could see this as really useful information? Please do me a favor and share this post in all of your networks. Put it on Google Plus, Tweet it, share it on Facebook. Not only are you doing me a huge favor but you are also helping countless others who are just starting to learn how to use social media.

When you have time don't forget to visit each of the links provided here as each of them will take you to a page with information you can use to help increase your business and make you social media experience a better one. If you can share each of the article links to your social networks I would be most grateful - Enjoy!


Bill Gassett is a thirty-two year veteran to the real estate industry. He enjoys providing helpful information to buyers, sellers and fellow real estate agents to make sound decisions. His work has been featured on RIS Media, National Association of Realtors, Inman News, Placester, RESAAS, Credit Sesame and others.

Comment balloon 104 commentsBill Gassett • November 05 2013 04:38AM


Great post... I hit the yellow star (not that you care about that, but I did) and Bookmarked it to go and check out later in the day... I also will connect with you on Google+... All of this is a lot for my 74 year young brain but I think it keeps me young... Happy Day


Posted by Beth and Richard Witt, Long Island Cash Home Buyer 516-330-6940 (Long Island Cash Home Buyer) almost 6 years ago

Thanks Beth as you can see it took a lot of time to put together. It is probably the longest post I have ever written but it is packed with useful information anyone in the Real Estate industry can use to increase their business from social media. I hope it gets featured so thanks for suggesting it!

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill - This is outstanding content and advice.  I suggested it, of course, as I know so many will benefit from reading this + the links to your articles. I agree that we need to diversify, and there is the law of diminishing returns which supports this.  Google + would be the first place I would diversify to, and then prob. pinterest and linkedIn.  I have a different approach on each one.  Gail Robinson wrote an awesome post yesterday on how she has an integrated approach and a different strategy on each platform.

Your community pages are awesome.  I just showed a sample of this to one of my local real estate friends and she is planning to do 4 pages for her areas.  We are going to look into doing 2 pages for 2 of the towns that we do really well in, and if that works, we may expand to a a few others.

Posted by Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl & Blog Stylist -Dynamo Marketers (The Flooring Girl) almost 6 years ago

Bill: I am 100% on-board with the approach you mention and hope MANY who are not yet following your example will jump on-board too.  This is some of the best social media advice for those connected to this industry I have seen.

Posted by Anita Clark, Realtor - Homes for Sale in Warner Robins GA (ColdwellBanker SSK Realtors ~ 478.960.8055) almost 6 years ago

Good morning Bill,

Another great article to remind where to write posts.

Make yourself a great day.

Posted by Raymond E. Camp, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Greater Rochester (Howard Hanna Real Estate Services) almost 6 years ago

Bill, I've more than is a must read for Arers...i love AR but there is more that we as business owners need to do for our business....the cheese moved quite awhile ago and you are following it wll!

Posted by Ginny Gorman, Homes for Sale in North Kingstown RI and beyond (RI Real Estate Services ~ 401-529-7849~ RI Waterfront Real Estate) almost 6 years ago

Thanks Debbie and Anita I know I don't need to preach to you guys as you are shining examples of those who have broadened their horizons when it comes to social media. It is great having you both as connections on many of the other social media settings!

Ray - I hope you get something useful out of this!

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Thanks Ginny hopefully everyone takes the time to actually read it. I know it is very long by posting standards that you see here. The links within this article will be helpful to anyone who wants to increase their Real Estate social media presence done the right way.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Good morning, Bill... I spend some time on Google+ and Pinterest but AR is a fun place to be!!  I'm the first one to complain but it doesn't take me too long to vent and return... however, I DO use other sites plus my own websites.... I paid my dues in this business, and as long as the phone keeps ringing, my team will be fine.... and then there's my favoirte, direct mail...ha

Posted by Barbara Todaro, Marketing Agent for The Todaro Team (RE/MAX Executive Realty ) almost 6 years ago

Hi Bill - I appreciate your sharing of the tools that help you succeed. It's not something that you learned in just a few day, and most of the people who read this probably have no idea how long you've been working on it. Once again, thanks for the info, and have a great day.

Posted by Larry Brewer - Benchmark Realty llc (Benchmark Realty LLc) almost 6 years ago

Bill, The ongoing struggle to select how much of our time gets allotted to various outlets.  We know Pinterest works so that's part of our integrated approach.  Google Plus we haven't used as much, but are periodically there.  It's the time expenditure tightrope on a daily basis.

Posted by Liz and Bill Spear, RE/MAX Elite Warren County OH (Cincinnati/Dayton) (RE/MAX Elite 513.520.5305 almost 6 years ago

Wow - that's a lot of information & links. I've been cruising thru them for an hour...and I still have work to do! Thanks. I'm trying to adapt to the fact that my buyers are all highly connected, so I need to learn my way through new systems.

Posted by Ingrid LeMasters, *** I'm not in sales; I'm in CUSTOMER SERVICE (Duffield Realty) almost 6 years ago

I hope people take your advice to heart +Bill Gassett.

ActiveRain is just the beginning to a successful online presence. It's the perfect place to start. Once you have the hang of ActiveRain, the next place to focus would be on Google+. You don't even need to learn WordPress anymore to start your own blog. It's so easy it's amazing!

Posted by Rich Cederberg, eXp Realty Agent Albuquerque (eXp Realty) almost 6 years ago

Hey Bill,


I actually came across you on Google+.  My route to this post was off of a Google+ e-mail letting me know an article was posted to a real estate group you and I are both in.

What is interesting to me is that so many of the people that do post things (and many are regular, serial posters) post things that are bland, self-promoting, listings, etc.  There are few people that create and post content like you do.  Makes sense, you are a veteran to the online/social media gig and it's a huge topic of yours.

Thanks for these thoughts and all of the links.


Posted by Joe Kerouac, Real estate agent and writer almost 6 years ago

Think I might have to read this in segments.  A lot of information for one post and my little mind to absorb.  

Posted by Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News (Integrity Real Estate Group) almost 6 years ago

Guys thanks for taking the time to read this. There is an incredible amount of information to absord ( I realize that) trust me though it would be well worth your time to check out each of the links I have provided. There is something you can learn from all of them. The links to the Google Plus and Pinterest groups are also great places to learn and gain exposure for your content.

Joe - this is exactly what I am trying to teach many who do not how to use social media. Real Estate agents often times look at SM as an advertising vehicle which is incorrect thinking.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Thank you for the indebth info on social media.  I always feel lost in social media.

Posted by Tim Lorenz, 949 874-2247 (TIM LORENZ - Elite Home Sales Team) almost 6 years ago

There are only so many hours in a day.  And I have to disagree with you on the linking thing.  When I just G+ my posts, they always seem to rank better making them easier to be found by consumers.  I don't have more time to spend at Google+ and I'm just not willing to hire it out.  I am fairly well connected in lots of other places, but at my limit.

Posted by Tammy Lankford,, Broker GA Lake Sinclair/Eatonton/Milledgeville (Lane Realty Eatonton, GA Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, 706-485-9668) almost 6 years ago

Tammy just posting links at Google Plus is not going to help you and in fact could hurt you if there is no interaction. The new algorithms are all about social validation. So if you post content and nobody interacts with it that is not a good thing. You would be better off not posting it at all. If you don't believe me on this one ask any SEO expert. Google is getting very good at looking at social signals. You want your content to receive validation across multiple channels.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Many are clueless to Pinterest but it's a great took for sharing listings and your blogs.  Join and lurk for a few weeks then create a few boards and pin away!


Posted by Dee Toohey, Broker, ABR, AHWD, CIPS, FMS, ePro (Innovative Realty Solutions Group) almost 6 years ago

Dee - agreed Pinterest is terrific! It fits perfectly with our business. It can be a huge traffic source for Realtors. I would encourage everyone to start using it!

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Great and well documented post Bill. Odd that most of the comments thus far are from those I see on G+.


Posted by Lori Cain, Midtown Tulsa Real Estate Top Producer (eXp Realty) almost 6 years ago

Excellent post and excellent comments on peoples' comments. You've gone deeper and wider, and showing it here is very helpful.

Posted by Brad MacKenzie, Turning Houses into Homes on the South Shore (Brad MacKenzie) almost 6 years ago

Thanks very much Lori and Brad! I know you guys get social media as I see you in multiple places.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill, WOW! You are always "wowing" us with all the information you provide.  Thank you so much. Have bookmarked this page so I can go back and do all that you suggest bit by bit. Thanks Bill! Appreciate it greatly! We all want to be like you! Have A Great Day!

Posted by Bobbie Smith, 570-242-1891 almost 6 years ago

Bill you are definitely Mr.Google+. I also have to join Pinterest since I am hearing too many things about it. In fact I was supposed to attend a webinar today about it. But I had to take a Contracts class. I am just started dedicating 15 minutes a day. 5 in the morning,5 in the afternoon and 5 in the evening to Twitter. Guess I got to do the same for Pinterest and Google+ now. Can somebody buy me a time machine for a Christmas gift? LOL.

Posted by Lanre-"THE REAL ESTATE FARMER" Folayan, I don't make promises.I deliver results.SOLD HOMES (Keller Williams Select Realtors-Buy a home in Washington DC. Sell a home in Washington DC) almost 6 years ago

Oh I am sorry. I almost forgot,you want us to share this. Consider this done. 

Posted by Lanre-"THE REAL ESTATE FARMER" Folayan, I don't make promises.I deliver results.SOLD HOMES (Keller Williams Select Realtors-Buy a home in Washington DC. Sell a home in Washington DC) almost 6 years ago

Bill, this post is detailed and inspiring.  I am behind in social media and your post has provided me with the reasons I need to get with the program!

Posted by Sharon Parisi, Dallas Homes (United Real Estate Dallas ) almost 6 years ago

Thanks very much Bobbie! Lanre I appreciate that very much. Social media can be time consuming. Knowing how to manage your time well is important. I set aside time every morning and evening as well and will try to check in at times when I get a moment during the day as well.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago


thank you so much for this. I am working at learning more every day. This seems to be an every learning process. I suppose the key is to time block so you watch and don't end up on the computer for hours like some people do with the television.

Posted by Dan Dee McGinnis The Pumpkin Man (HomeSmart) almost 6 years ago

Thanks Sharon I appreciate the compliments. Anything I can do to help your real estate social media efforts let me know.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill, I am using Google+ but I don't produce original content there. Honestly, I'm trying to figure out how agents are using all these venues and not having duplicate content. Today, I wrote a blog post on my website about selling a home during the holidays. However, if I want to write a similar article here then I need to change the wording so it's not an exact duplicate.

There are other questions I have:

  1. I see some people have a url next to their Google+. How do I do that?
  2. I've claimed authorship. Shouldn't my photo be showing up next to all my venues; Twitter, my website, my outside blog and AR?

I have so many questions. Have you considered doing a webinar on the subject?

Posted by Tammie White, Broker, Franklin TN Homes for Sale (Franklin Homes Realty LLC) almost 6 years ago

Tammie - I will try to answer each of your questions. You don't need to produce original content at Google Plus. What you want to do with Google Plus specifically is take the link to your blog post and share it on your profile there. In order to do a good job you want to put a short summary of what the post is about so people know why they should be interested. So using your Holiday post you would write a sentence or two stating what the post is about and why people should be interested in reading it.

If you really want Google Plus to work for you though you can't just drop the link and expect a bunch of people are going to be interested. Much like your investment here building relationships, it works the same way at any other social media site. You need to put the time and comment on others content to be seen and recognized.

Not sure I understand your question of seeing a URL next to their Google Plus? Do you mean how some people now have their name instead of a long string of numbers for their URL?

You need to claim authorship for everything you own in order for authorship to work. So in your Google Profile page you need to have the URL for Active Rain and any other blog you own. You also must have the link within the content for which you are claiming authorship to. Keep in mind Google does not always show the picture.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill:  I definitely agree with you on "spreading the wealth" of info and participation on a variety of Social Media formats.  I'll say it loudly here ... I'm a fan of AR.  No doubt about it.  It serves a great purpose.  But that purpose goes well beyond just the blog placed here itself.  I "feed" it many places and it turns into the gift that keeps on giving too.  Google+ makes sense to me ... but for some reason, I struggle with consistency there.  Maybe it's because I haven't found the larger success I'd hoped for .. yet.  LOVE Pinterest, as you know.  I think when AR members understand how seemlessly and easily all the social media formats can fit together, you will see them participate in bigger numbers.  For me, social media is a package deal ... and it works best for me that way.

LOTS of info here ... but definitely worth the read and follow-up.  I've re-posted, etc. a few times already ...


Posted by Gene Mundt, IL/WI Mortgage Originator - FHA/VA/Conv/Jumbo/Portfolio/Refi, 708.921.6331 - 40+ yrs experience (NMLS #216987, IL Lic. 031.0006220, WI Licensed. APMC NMLS #175656) almost 6 years ago

Bill - So glad to see this finally featured.  I like Tammie's idea of doing a webinar...or maybe even a google hangout.  Maybe a few of us can get together and do that.  Tammy has some good questions (and your responses are great), but I know others have the same q's and others.  And, maybe we could gather some of those and get you, me, Rich, Anita, Ginny, Lori, Melissa Marro, etc. on there to answer.  And, maybe Gene can someone who is newer and embracing but with lots of q's (and he can feed us the q's).  I actually thing that by doing this, not only will a lot of AR members learn, but we'll all learn some tips from each other, too.  


Then, after it's published, we can all reblog for lots more exposure.  I reblog one day, you do it a few days later, anita few days get the idea.

- Debbie

Posted by Women of Westchester Working Together, Women helping Women get ahead (Women of Westchester Working Together) almost 6 years ago

Provocative title and great information. I love what ActiveRain does for me, and yet there are additional sites that can benefit us, too. Thank you!

Posted by Michelle Carr Crowe,Altas Just Call...408-252-8900!, Family Helping Families Buy & Sell Homes 40+ Years (Get Results Team...Just Call (408) 252-8900! . DRE #00901962 . Licensed to Sell since 1985 . Altas Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill, great advice here and of course I will use the excuse of not having time and hide under my desk as it's a lousy excuse! If there's a will, there's a way! Thanks for sharing some important information here.

Posted by Beth Atalay, Cam Realty of Clermont FL (Cam Realty and Property Management) almost 6 years ago

Such a great rundown Bill.  And I did read through the entire post.  Thankfully I think I am doing most of this but I know I can do a better job, especially with facebook interaction.

Posted by Jay & Michelle Lieberman, Creating Calm in the Buying and Selling Chaos (Keller Williams World Class) almost 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips, Bill. I'll make sure I'm set up for Google authorship on everything and engage more with my connections there. I still think a webinar on the subject would be good. I'm pretty sure AR could make that happen.

Posted by Tammie White, Broker, Franklin TN Homes for Sale (Franklin Homes Realty LLC) almost 6 years ago

Thansk for sharing valuable information Bill.  I definitely am trying to ingtegrate the things you are talking about.  Still struggling with Pintrest not completwely sure how it works, but I am getting there.

Posted by Kevin Vitali, Helping Massachusetts Home Buyers and Home Sellers (EXIT Realty- Massachusetts Short Sales & Residential Sales) almost 6 years ago

Hi Bill....Next to hitting us all on the Head, if nothing else anyone reading your post should Bookmark it for reference as you have given everyone a formula to be successful online.

Congratulations on your feature and thanks for posting this great blog in Active Rain on Facebook

Cheers, have a fun and successful week!

Posted by Fred Carver Personal Real Estate Corporation, Accredited Real Estate Consultant (RE/MAX Camosun Victoria BC Real Estate) almost 6 years ago

I have done nothing on Pinterest and about as much on Facebook. Those two sites just don't excite me, and I don't have all the time in the world. So there will be at least 2 places where you will find very little by me. I think we have to find what works well for us and stick with it. Sometimes I see people say, oh, man, the fish are biting here, so let's go somewhere else. No, you stay where you are.

Posted by Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Realtor Top 1%, Put 40 years of experience to work for you (RE/MAX Gold) almost 6 years ago

Guys I would be happy to do a Google hangout for anyone on Active Rain who is interested. I would rather someone else set it up and have me as a guest though due to time constraints. I am also leaving for vacation this Friday for 2 weeks so I will not be around until the end of the month. I could probably do something then.

The other thing I would emphasize to everyone reading is to take the time and visit all the links I have provided. There is a wealth of information in them that will help your business grow!

Kevin - regarding Pinterest take a look at my boards and see how they are constructed  You will notice I have some local Real Estate specific boards along with some that are more general real estate, home improvement, etc. I am also a member of a couple of group boards and have a couple of personal boards like humor and health.

If you have any specfic questions guys let me know - I would be happy to help out!

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

I agree with Women of Westchester that a Google Hangout would be a great idea!

Posted by Lori Cain, Midtown Tulsa Real Estate Top Producer (eXp Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill ~  Thanks for this important post.  I need to look at the links and really take time to expand.  I thank you for you willingness to help others succeed!  I am a bit confused on pinterest with regard to "copyright"  so I have been afraid to pin... Is there a place I can learn what is ok and what is not --How does one pin safely?

Posted by Joan Whitebook, Consumer Focused Real Estate Services (BHG The Masiello Group) almost 6 years ago

Bill, you have been star at ActiveRain for a long time - and you definitely have a great advice on having multiple social media presence. I do 'share' some of my posts on other platforms, including G+, however, for a solo agent to spend so much of time on many platforms is not easy.

I like you idea of Hangouts - please keep me posted, and of course, record the session - just in case I cannot join the session.

(In fact, one of the reasons, I am ActiveRain is YOU! Apart from a solo transaction we had way back, I saw you at Boston ActiveRain meet-up - in 2009? - with Ben Kinney. It took little over a year before I became a regular at AR, however.)

Posted by Praful Thakkar, Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale (LAER Realty Partners) almost 6 years ago
Ok, you already get my reblog of the day and I still have nine of ten comments to go.
Posted by Cheryl Ritchie, Southern Maryland 301-980-7566 (RE/MAX Leading Edge almost 6 years ago

Bill, as the one source in my opinion for real estate social network marketing I will bookmark and go back over and over agaiin because you took the time to go into great detail not only on the why's but also the hows.  Truly inspirational.


Posted by Kelly Young, Colorado Springs Real Estate ~ 719-226-0126 (The Platinum Group Realtors) almost 6 years ago

 I have been doing things right .... a little bit.  Time for me to concentrate and plan it out.  Love G+, there is so much knowledge there that can help us, amazing.

I will check your links and make sure that I have read them, your local webpages are outstanding.  Will share them, too.


Posted by Virginia Hepp - Mesquite NV REALTOR, Mesquite NV Homes and Neighborhoods - Search MLS (Desert Gold Realty - Mesquite NV Homes For Sale) almost 6 years ago
Bill - As always, you have a lot of great information that I'll need to do a bit at a time.
Posted by Christine Donovan, Broker/Attorney 714-319-9751 DRE01267479 - Costa M (Donovan Blatt Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill ~ your 22,000 Google+ connections prove your authority to speak about the importance of that site!  This post is a perfect example of why you are the real estate Poster Boy of how to succeed using G+ and the other social media sites, in addition to AR ... please keep sharing your tips with us.  We'll get there!   

I agree that Pinterest is a great tool for anyone in real estate!  Your boards are set up to share great content that in turn will likely be indexed by you-know-who and make your phone ring right off the hook :-)

Posted by Maureen Bray Portland OR Home Stager ~ Room Solutions Staging, "Staging that Sells Portland Homes" (Room Solutions Staging, Portland OR) almost 6 years ago

Hi Bill, thanks for sharing your view of AR members putting all their eggs in one basket when it comes to social media, I need to branch out and explore the world of other social media platforms and I found your blog very informative and if anything AR helps us by finding blogs such as yours. Have a blessed day.







Posted by Bob Ratliff, "Sold with Bob" (Robert Ratliff Realty) almost 6 years ago
This is very good information Bill. You laid it all out pretty well. Keep it up and stay the best!
Posted by Katerina Gasset, Get It Done For Me Virtual Services (Get It Done For Me Virtual Services ) almost 6 years ago

Thanks again everyone for all your compliments - I really appreciate it. If anyone needs any help with Google Plus or Pinterest let me know. I would encourage all of you to visit each of the article links within the article. Each of them provides something useful.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago
Bill Gassett, you are wonderful! The fact that you write so well and are always willing to share your extensive knowledge, makes you one of the Top Activerainers! I wish you lived a bit closer to Ocean City, MD! I'd be treating you to lunch on a weekly basis (and picking your brain!)lol! Would you consider moving?lol! Seriously, you are a great source of info. And I will be spending some time rereading your blogs! Thanks again!
Posted by Kathy Opatka, Serving Ocean City, MD, & The Delaware Beaches (RE/MAX CROSSROADS) almost 6 years ago

Marketing using a slew of platforms, beaming to all the niche, segments in the audience means lots of tools hanging off the utility belt. The one with the blue and gold R on the buckle. But substance, something worth reading, scanning, watching and listening too is still part of the tag team two punch for greater exposure. Reach and frequency.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 6 years ago

I have found google plus to be quite useful. It is a good idea to spread yourself around.

Posted by Edward Gilmartin (CRE) almost 6 years ago
Bill, Thanks for the tips and advice. 22,000 followers is very impressive. You certainly must be doing something right.
Posted by Bill and MaryAnn Wagner, Jersey Shore and South Jersey Real Estate (Wagner Real Estate Group) almost 6 years ago

So what you are saying is that I should do nothing but post my listings on every social media platform out there?  Ha!  Great advice as always Bill!  

Posted by Amanda Christiansen, Christiansen Group Realty (Christiansen Group Realty (260)704-0843) almost 6 years ago

Bill - Your post is so informative, as are so many of your posts. I really like Google+ and Pinterest.  I'll be active for awhile, and then slip a bit. I have been torn as to where to spend my time. But times and the industry are  changing. I think I need to get onboard more. I know that consistency is important so will spend more time with these online sites. It is actually fun, but sometimes I feel guilty that I am playing when I should be working.  Thanks for the not so gentle push!

Posted by Donna Quinlan, Keller Williams Real Estate Agent Career Consultan (Keller Williams Realty) almost 6 years ago

Hi Bill, this is quite an interesting topic. I am really glad that it was featured since it carries a lot of sense. I'd like to ask if I can share this link (youre post) on some of my social media sites as well as to my fellor realtors and clients. I know this will help a lot of people.

Posted by Michael Ha Elmhurst, Woodside, Maspeth (Rego Park, Forest Hills, Jackson Heights, Corona, Middle Village) almost 6 years ago

I don't shine in these online tech arenas as much as I can but when the spotlight does land on and in person...I give a good show...My marketing is based on leading all potential to person

Posted by Richie Alan Naggar, agent & author (people first...then business Ran Right Realty ) almost 6 years ago

Google+ rocks but I'm not using it as much as I could. Thanks for the pointers. (You rock too!)

Posted by Sheila Cox, Katy & Sugar Land Real Estate Agent ( almost 6 years ago

I like your suggestion for town pages on your website. Will start on that today. THANKS!

Posted by Travis "the SOLD man" Parker; Associate Broker, email: / cell: 334-494-7846 (iXL Real Estate-Wiregrasss\) almost 6 years ago

Great article Bill, I will go back and check out those links and I will share this information with my peeps.

Posted by Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust! (Friends & Neighbors Real Estate) almost 6 years ago

You are an inspiration.  I know these are things I need to be building and am going to get to work on.  Thanks for the post.

Posted by Gene Riemenschneider, Turning Houses into Homes (Home Point Real Estate) almost 6 years ago

Hi Bill  You are my Google + buddie and my guru,,Great article...I get so much juice from these sites

Posted by Hannah Williams, Expertise NE Philadelphia & Bucks 215-953-8818 (Re/Max Eastern inc.) almost 6 years ago

Bill - this is so incredibly helpful!  I have a question – I don't have a lot in my Google+ circle but I want to share my blog posts – will that hurt me if I don't get comments? I am trying to build my circle but it takes time. Maybe build the circle over the next few months, then post?

Posted by Bridget Gelderman, MBA, Assoc Broker, Lake Wallenpaupack & Poconos almost 6 years ago

WOW - Bookmarked for future reference - way too much information for my brain to absorb all at once :)

Great post!!!  I was just at a meeting at my office today where the training for how to use Twitter to enhance your business.  A couple of weeks ago we had a class on Facebook...coming soon is a class on Google+ and more.  I am going to every meeting they have on social media as I know it is critical to our sucess in todays world.

Posted by Terry McCarley, REALTOR, SRES, CDPE - Cape Coral, FL (REMAX Realty Team - Cape Coral FL) almost 6 years ago

Sing the praises of G+.

Posted by Lyn Sims, Schaumburg IL Real Estate (RE/MAX Suburban) almost 6 years ago

Thanks again everyone for all your comments. There is always quite a bit to do social media well for Real Estate and it seems like not enough time in the day.

Bridget - One of the best ways to get active on Google Plus is to comment on other peoples posts and to share other people's content. These are the things that will get you noticed very quickly. It is the old mantra it is better to give than to receive. What will typically happen is you will get paid back double:)

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Thanks for the advice, Bill. It is evident that you know what you are talking about when it comes to using social media to build your real estate business. I appreciate you sharing this information.

Posted by Charlie Dresen, Steamboat Springs, CO e-Pro (Steamboat Sotheby's International Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill - Great post and very relevant. I was on a business planning seminar recently and they talked about stopping the consumer search, each and every time. Even people in our sphere of influence are using internet sites to get information about their community, about homes they'd like to see, and about real estate market news. Our job is to STOP their consumer search by directing them back to us with every search that they do. Need a community profile or want to know when that new dog park is opening? Visit my website Want to know about the best restaurants in your neighborhood? Check out my Yelp Profile. Staying relevant in today's world is time consuming but will make all the difference when trying to redirect your audience, including those closest to you, back to YOU. 

Posted by Mindy Jones, REALTOR, ABR, AHWD (Amy Jones Group, Re/Max Infinity) almost 6 years ago
Hi Bill we so agree it's not all about active rain or Facebook or Google plus or Twitter but the right combination of all of the above.
Posted by Bob Miller, The Ocala Dream Team (Keller Williams Cornerstone Realty) almost 6 years ago

OR, I can door knock and contact Expireds, Withdrawns and FSBO's for a couple of hours per week and get more relevant/immediate leads/clients than sitting in front of a computer using Social Media for 40+ hours a week.  I have always found face-to-face conversations are much better than "hoping" a random internet lead finds it's way to me!

Posted by Steven Pahl, Real Estate Consultant Tampa, FL 813-319-6423 (Keller Williams Tampa Properties) almost 6 years ago

I still haven't been able to make my Google+ authorship connect right to ActiveRain since the change. Any help is welcome!

Posted by Michelle Carr Crowe,Altas Just Call...408-252-8900!, Family Helping Families Buy & Sell Homes 40+ Years (Get Results Team...Just Call (408) 252-8900! . DRE #00901962 . Licensed to Sell since 1985 . Altas Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill, you wrote more than a mouthful in this blog. Lots of great advice and tips to study and implement for continued success. Thank you!

Posted by Sandy Padula and Norm Padula, JD, GRI, Presence, Persistence & Perseverance (HomeSmart Realty West & Geneva Financial, Llc.) almost 6 years ago

Thank you Bill for a great post. It is just the type of information I need and don't know where to find. Be assured that I, for one, have listened, and will follow-through, though as a newby, my pace will by necesity be much slower.

I noticed that your blog post was longer than the 400 words that I've been told post should try and attain. I also noticed that you copied that post to several other sources such as "The Art of Marketing You" and "Social Media Marketing"... all these things I have to learn more about.

Here's a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by Nora Sims, helping folks like you since 1978! (Northern Shadows Realty, Inc.) almost 6 years ago

Thanks Bill - this could have been SEVERAL blog posts.    You inspired me to set up my Google+ finally - Pinterest is next :)

Posted by M.C. Dwyer, Santa Cruz Mountains Property Specialist (Century 21 Showcase REALTORs) almost 6 years ago

Thank you Bill! Working on those comments now. I would love to join your hangout if you end up having one. I will check back on this page.

Posted by Bridget Gelderman, MBA, Assoc Broker, Lake Wallenpaupack & Poconos almost 6 years ago

Bill, as always, you knocked it out of the park! Google+ is a very important part of social media and time will tell how important. Early adopters will reap huge rewards, such as you are already seeing.

Posted by Sharon Alters, Realtor - Homes for Sale Fleming Island FL (Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty - 904-673-2308) almost 6 years ago

Hi Michele - sorry for the late reply as I am on vacation. Can you be more specific about your problem with authorship? What change are you referring to?

Everyone thanks again for all the comments - I hope all of you get at least one nugget out of this that helps your real estate social media efforts.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Thank you for the post Bill.... I have some work to do!!

Posted by Jason Wright, Associate Broker (Keller Williams Advantage ) almost 6 years ago

Bill, over the years, I have come to recognize that you certainly do have your stuff together when it comes to marketing and getting the best Internet exposure. I will make this a mission for the New year

Posted by Ed Silva, Central CT Real Estate Broker Serving all equally (RE/MAX Professionals, CT 203-206-0754 ) almost 6 years ago

Scratching my head to comment #75

Bill, I know you are sharing your experiences with all of us. .

We appreciate your ideas and I know hoe important  is Google plus for my business in the near future. .


Posted by Fernando Herboso - Broker for Maxus Realty Group, 301-246-0001 Serving Maryland, DC and Northern VA (Maxus Realty Group - Broker 301-246-0001) almost 6 years ago

Hi,  Bill!  Just wanted you to know that I included this post in today’s Last Week’s Favorites.  Check it out, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!    

Posted by Patricia Kennedy, Home in the Capital (RLAH Real Estate) almost 6 years ago

Bill- I think your blog was one of the very first to which I subscribed when I joined ActiveRain and began this social media experience.  You make a very good point about setting aside half an hour for Google+ and maybe Pinterest or whatever you choose.  It's dedication and discipline.  Thank you for this because it's like a Social Media Primer. 

Posted by Kathy Streib, Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224 (Room Service Home Staging) almost 6 years ago

Bill, you have such sage advice for all of us. Thank you.

Posted by Lottie Kendall, Helping make your real estate dreams a reality (Compass) almost 6 years ago

I read every word and you make some wonderful points.

Posted by Jill Sackler, LI South Shore Real Estate - Broker Associate (Charles Rutenberg Realty Inc. 516-575-7500) almost 6 years ago

Fabulous post the job for realtors has changed so much not only do we have to know how to sell a house but also how all this technology helps us get homes to sell ! 

Posted by Jill Penman, Coconut Grove & Coral Gables Lifestyle Expert! (ONE SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY) almost 6 years ago

Thanks Jill I am glad you got something out of it. Social media can be a great benefit to those in real estate when used properly.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago
Thank you for sharing all this great information.
Posted by Lara O'Keefe (North Texas Home Finders) almost 6 years ago

Valuable content.. and you are the king of sharing the how to's for success in real estate.. Great job Bill!  

Posted by Carra & Shae Riley, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) almost 6 years ago

Thanks very much Carra! It blows my mind how so many Realtors want to put their eggs in one social media basket.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) almost 6 years ago

Bill~  That is why I have a trademark on the I Get it I Don't Get it button!  Some people just have it turned the wrong way... all it takes is 180 to get the I get it straight up!  

Posted by Carra & Shae Riley, Helping people Transition at all ages! (Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd) almost 6 years ago

Bill, very enlightening post.  

When you place a link on your page to another business' website do you check those links often to make sure they are not broken?  Doesn't a broken link hurt your SEO.

Posted by Jimmy Williams (352) 874-2354, Lake and Western Orange County Real Estate Expert! (Classic VI Realty) over 5 years ago

Jimmy on my Wordpress blog I have a plugin called broken link checker that will do just that. A broken link won't hurt your SEO it just won't help it as you have lost a link when it becomes broken.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) over 5 years ago

Thanks for the great info, Bill.

Posted by Toni Weidman, 20+ Years Selling Homes in New Port Richey, FL (Sailwinds Realty) over 5 years ago

Bill ~ This may be the second time I read and commented pn this post. I just have to say thanks again for the great advice. You really brought it all together.

Posted by Diane M. Phillips Realtor 443-286-4365, Specializing in Carroll Co., MD (Frankly Real Estate Inc.) over 5 years ago

Intriguing, you've given us lots of think about for our business presence online.

Posted by Shaffer Realty, Professional. Ethical. Caring. over 5 years ago

Stumbled upon your post and see it was written awhile ago.  I've been inactive on active rain for a long time.  I'm thinking of re-engaging, however, I do have my own blog.  I've been re-assessing what I'm doing and can't decide if I should keep my own blog or not.  Or if I should pay the rainmaker fees on active rain.  Is it worth it?  Or should i keep my own blog which has also been somewhat inactive for awhile and try to utilize your other strategies?  I'm torn... took some time off from my business for personal reasons and need to get back at it now that things are moving forward...thanks.

Posted by Sonja Adams (Samson Proprties) about 4 years ago

Sonja Adams I would focus on a blog you own and NOT something you don't. Active Rain could change to something different or no longer exist at any moment in time. Your own blog also allows you to do whatever you want with it in so many respects.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) about 4 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply Bill!  The thing I liked about Active Rain back in the day was the community and hopes for referrals, but I think you are right. An agent looking for someone that is moving would probably google the area and find a top agent to get a referral fee anyway.  Time to get moving :-)

Posted by Sonja Adams (Samson Proprties) about 4 years ago

So, that's why you stepped away from Active Rain and focused on Google + and Pinterest. Got to follow your advice, since you know what your are doing:) 

Posted by Inna Ivchenko, Realtor® • Green • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA (Barcode Properties) over 3 years ago

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